CEO Sam Goldstein

Sam Goldstein, CEO, Regent Court Management, speaks to students about his experiences. Free and open to the public.
Mar 13, 2013
6:00 PM

Regent Court Management, Inc. specializes in by providing experience-based insights into the unique challenges of retail and manufacturing in the furniture industry.  They strive to identify and resolve the source of business problems and deliver solutions.  They develop and support marketing and merchandising services that can be tailored for retail or manufacturing in the furniture industry, and create or design customer focused merchandise assortments requiring detailed understanding of customer demand.

Their goal is to generate profitable marketing strategies based on comprehensive analysis of the customer and his requirements by efficient leveraging of the client’s staff through guidance and mentoring and developing milestone-based project plans.  Their team of management consultants is highly experienced in all aspects of design, merchandising, marketing and operation.  Sam Goldstein is the developer and CEO of several successful companies.

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