Lynn Philharmonia

Experience classical music at its finest at the Lynn Philharmonia Orchestra Series performances.

Existing series subscribers: You may renew your subscription by calling the box office or visiting in person. All renewals must be done before April 30. Renewals cannot be done online. If you fail to renew your subscription, your seats will become available to the general public on May 18.

The Lynn Philharmonia concert series gives the public an opportunity to experience live classical music performed with a high-level of skill and technique in a breathtaking performing arts venue.

The Philharmonia sets the standard for conservatory level symphonic training. Now in its 21st season as a full symphony, the Philharmonia continues to present high-quality concerts with a wide range of repertoire.

Under the musical direction of maestro Guillermo Figueroa, the Lynn University Philharmonia Orchestra attains a professional level of performance, enjoying tremendous public support of its six symphonic programs per year. The Philharmonia distinguishes itself through its orchestral training program and ensures consistent performance opportunities for every instrumentalist.

Bonus Concert

When you purchase Philharmonia Orchestra Series tickets, you will receive FREE seating for the Lynn Wind Ensemble performance. If you have purchased Philharmonia Orchestra Series tickets, please contact the box office to reserve your ticket to the Wind Ensemble.

There are currently no events scheduled.

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